Mombasha Fire Co. Inc.
Hosting the 2005
Orange County Volunteer Fireman's Assc. Parade

The members of the Mombasha Fire Co./Monroe Fire Dept. would like to thank and congratulate Past Chief John Karl III in his election to Vice President of the Orange county Volunteer Fireman's Association.

The Mombasha Fire Co./Monroe Fire Dept will once again be hosting the Annual Orange County Volunteer Fireman's Association (OCVFA) Parade. Past Chief John Karl III has recently been elected into the position of Vice President of the OCVFA and will be elected President in 2005. John has served in numerous officer positions within the Company and Dept. and served as Chief of Dept. from 1994 - 1999. Past Chief Karl has also been active in several County and State organizations including the OCVFA.

Several committies have been formed and members are actively planning the activities of the Orange County Volunteer Firemans Parade and Convention. The Parade will be held on Saturday September 24th, 2005 with the convention taking place during the week prior to the parade. Please visit this page frequently for specific dates when they are determined. Feel free to email us for additional info regarding the parade.

Visit our 100th Anniversary Page to see more information about the 1998 County Parade in Monroe.

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